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About Me

Hello, My name is Ryan Holmes, but you can call me Ryan!

Without hyping myself up too much, Im the mastermind behind the San Andreas Fire & Rescues EUP/Uniforms aswell as there future liverys. I own a company called Luthous Designs, where in my spare time, I work on orders, liverys, EUP and stuff like that for GTA V/FiveM. Its a hobby I enjoy doing, and have no plans to stop doing!

Here at WWRP, I'm a member of the San Andreas Fire Department, at the current rank of [Firefighter I]. I enjoy the roleplay you all put out, and its truly a new experience compared to public servers.

More about me as a person, I'm 16 years of age, and I take a interest into, well, gaming. I absouteley love the game and lore of SCP, and take a big interest in FiveM!.


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