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  1. Poggy woggy join civ. 

  2. Civilian Operations is the best dept. 

  3. Join Civilian Operations! 

  4. You should apply for civilian operations! 

    1. Chris B. 5E-106

      Chris B. 5E-106

      well i have been waiting like 9 days for a training to pop up lol...

    2. Jackson S. 3C-106

      Jackson S. 3C-106

      I did apply for civilian! 

    3. Carson C. 3C-316

      Carson C. 3C-316

      I applied just for you. 

  5. Yo join civilian you wont regret it! 

  6. We just be balling in Civ come join us!


  7. Apply for civ we the best Dept!

  8. Apply for civ we are the best department!

  9. Apply for civ 😉

  10. new picture and banner doe?

  11. You should apply to civ. 😉

  12. POV: You wake up and think WOW BCSO is the best Department! 

  13. BCSO Is the best vibe 

  14. If you are think about applying apply for BCSO 🙂

  15. They was like pop why you walk like that 

  16. How many chuggas come before choo choo there is a right answer


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