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  1. Wanted to make this clear, don't bully others. I was in class today and my teacher started talking about the topic on bullying, a girl in my class nearly ended her own life because of being bullied. Be a man (if u are one) and stand up for others. Don't just sit around. It's pretty sad to see what some people have come to in life. Thanks and have an amazing night.

  2. Its crazy that my birthday is in 16 days. I swear it was just the start of 2021 yesterday. 

  3. Follow for Follow?

  4. Ever got pulled over for 6 over on a highway in WWRP? Well I have. :classic_biggrin:

    1. Seth K. Civ-200 2B-920

      Seth K. Civ-200 2B-920

      lmao try 2 over from VPD. Gotta love it

  5. Happy Saturday everyone. 

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