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  1. If your reading this and think if you should apply. You DEF SHOULD!

  2. If you don't find to make a money while you sleep, you will work until you die - Warren Buffet
  3. Everything will be free such as flight, hotel, food etc but you can't like rent a Lamborghini, has to be a normal amount.
  4. Drop your favorite songs or sound tracks! Could be anything from country to hip hop.
  5. What Web Browser Do You Use and Why? I personally use Opera GX because it uses low ram and has limiters. The theme also looks amazing and the built in VPN and Adblocker are useful
  6. Just reply to it with a correction.
  7. When Does Your School End or When Did It End? Mine Ends On The 25th of June
  8. Fill Out Commend Forms. It Makes People Happy.

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