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  1. Never a dull moment out on the freeways with @Jesse F. 5E-303! This local decided to ram us after we activated our lights to come out of the median from running signal 11.

    © Fluidist

  2. Daily Dad Joke #25: "When I was a kid, my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be. Turns out, identity theft is a crime."

  3. Daily Dad Joke #24: "Why is it a bad idea to iron your four-leaf clover? Cause you shouldn't press your luck."

  4. Daily Dad Joke #23: "Where do math teachers go on vacation? Times Square."

  5. © Fluidist

  6. © Fluidist

  7. © Fluidist

  8. Daily Dad Joke #22: "If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?"

  9. Daily Dad Joke #21: "I like telling Dad jokes. Sometimes he laughs!" 

  10. Daily Dad Joke #20: "What does a bee use to brush its hair?" "A honeycomb!"

  11. Daily Dad Joke #19: Two guys walked into a bar. The third guy ducked.

    (Thanksgiving and the site being down caused me too miss two days but we back baby!) 

  12. Daily Dad Joke #18: "Who doesn't eat on Thanksgiving? A turkey, because it is always stuffed."

  13. Happy Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen!

  14. Daily Dad Joke #17: "How did Harry Potter get down the hill?" "Walking. JK! Rowling."

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