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  • Mission Statement

    It is our mission in the Civilian Operations to provide original, quality, and professional roleplay. Roleplay in the Civilian Operations is meant to be unbiased and overall respectful to all members of the community. In the Civilian Department, we define quality roleplay as creating characters who play the role of citizens in San Andreas, whether you choose to be a hardworking legal citizen or a dangerous criminal. We encourage roleplay to be continuous, where characters make friends, have relationships, have lore, and build a story, however, that does not prohibit scene-by-scene roleplay scenarios. We take great pride in our ability to roleplay in the Civilian Department, and we strive to create the best scenarios for the rest of the community to enjoy. As well as this, we prefer quality over quantity meaning we plan our scenarios for an extensive period of time. While we believe being professional, courteous, and respectful in-game are important, we also strive to apply these techniques outside of roleplay. Our department always tries our best to create a good footprint for our department and community as a whole. This ensures that we create a good reputation to Worldwide Roleplay, and encourages new people to join. Thank you for taking the time to read our quite extensive mission statement, and we thank you for choosing the Civilian Operations.

    Civilian Businesses

    Public Works

    Allied Security

    24/7 Supermarkets

    Rogers Tow

    Civilian of the Month



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    Civilian Administration

    Civilian Director - Lia G.
    Civilian Deputy Director - Dylan Y.
    Civilian Chief of Staff - Kai G.
    Civilian Commander - Vacant

    Civilian Command

    Civilian Manager
    Civilian Asst. Manager

    Civilian Staff

    Civilian Supervisor
    Civilian Asst. Supervisor
    Civilian Advisor

    Civilian Staff in Training

    Senior Civilian II
    Senior Civilian I


    Civilian IV
    Civilian III
    Civilian II
    Civilian I
    Probationary Civilian

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