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  • Who are we?

    This is the Municipal Fire & EMS! We are a highly skilled team of EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters. Our team is made up of both Full-time Staff and Volunteers from around the state of San Andreas. We are the Men and Women that keep San Andreas safe 24/7. We come from all walks of life, but we all will go the extra step to uphold our duties as model citizens of San Andreas, and professionals in the Fire Department. Serving With Integrity—this relates to how we do business. We acknowledge that truth and trust are the foundations of relationship building and delivery. Our members will work hard every day to maintain the highest professional standards and to earn the public trust through their actions.

    Department Values

    Prepared for Duty—means that our members will do everything possible to ensure that our organization is at an optimum state of readiness when called upon to respond at a moment’s notice. Our team members will be properly trained, equipped, supported, and focused on safe immediate response and services. Responding With Compassion—our organization is a people-oriented service organization focused on helping those in need. Our members will provide the highest level of fire and emergency services with utmost compassion and caring to anyone in need.


  • Fire & EMS Subdivisions

    Special Operations

    Fire Prevention


  • Please visit our department portal for more information on Municipal Fire & EMS!


  • We're looking for new firefighters! Experienced or not!

    Recruitment Status: OPEN

    Reserve Applications: OPEN

    Transfer Applications: OPEN

    Apply today!

  • MFE Command

    Fire Commissioner - Vacant
    Chief of Department - Vacant

    EMS Superintendent - Vacant

    MFE Senior Staff

    District Chief
    EMS Deputy Superintendent
    FD Captain
    EMS Captain

    MFE Staff

    FD Lieutenant II
    EMS Lieutenant II
    FD Lieutenant I
    EMS Lieutenant I

    Fire Rescue Staff in Training

    Senior Engineer

    MFE Members

    Senior Firefighter
    Firefighter III
    Firefighter II
    Firefighter I
    Probationary Firefighter

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