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  • Welcome to the Municipal Police department!

    Municipal Police is charged with keeping Los Santos County safe and secure. Municipal Police Officers strive to maintain a peaceful environment for those who live and work within Los Santos County by enforcing the laws and regulations. This is made possible by the wholehearted dedication and commitment that the Municipal Police Officers demonstrate each and every day. The Municipal Police Administration and people of Los Santos County thank you for choosing to be a part of this brave and honorable family. Below you will find some important links with information that helps our department run efficiently and a general outline of the duties of an Officer.

  • Duties of an Officer

    As an Officer apart of Municipal Police your duties vary and are an important asset when it comes to public safety. Your job, while on duty and equally while off duty, consists of being a peacekeeper, a mentor, a public servant and a role model. During patrol, you will perform various duties, from traffic stops and running radar to handling pursuits and other duties that will test your patience and resolve. Officers of Municipal Police are tasked with enforcing laws across Los Santos County, San Andreas. At all times, an Officer of the Municipal Police Department is to follow the law and to enforce the law at all times while in-service.

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    University Police - @Ricki V. 2B-36

    The University of San Andreas Police Department's goal is to provide the college community with a high level of public safety services and assist in fostering ULSA's educational richness. Our staff is comprised of talented, trained and motivated professionals. The ULSA Police is equipped and prepared to respond for service and incidents.

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    Sanport Police - @Jack K. 2B-19

    The officers of the Sanport Police Department work in cooperation with the San Andreas State Police in providing law enforcement services to the workers, residents, and visitors to Sanport Maritime Properties. The Sanport Police Department is also responsible for the safety and security of the passengers and vessels which call on the Port of San Andreas.

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    Traffic Enforcement Division - @Oliver S. 2B-13

    The traffic enforcement division specializes in combatting traffic offenses, impaired driving, drug trafficking, and transportation of illegal weapons within the borders of San Andreas along its surrounding areas. The division is responsible for proactive traffic and drug/weapons enforcement involving the San Andreas vehicle & legal code.

  • gangunit2.thumb.png.2a4937293191b316df93c060d067b7db.png

    Gang Unit - @Kyle B. 2B-7

    The LSPD Gang Unit’s mission is to disrupt and prevent gang related activities within the high crime areas of Los Santos. Personnel assigned to the Gang Unit focus on identifying, apprehending, and investigating individuals with known gang affiliations, and conduct operations directed towards the individuals or groups involved with gang-related illegal activities.

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    SBTA Transit Police - @Jack K. 2B-19

    The SBTA Transit Police is employed by the state of San Andreas and specializes in protecting the public from any crimes that may occur on public transportation, and investigating crimes committed against the company or passengers. The SBTA Transit Police most common calls to service is trespassing, assault, robbery, ticket fraud, and drug dealing.

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    Police Administration

    Police Commissioner - Matthew P.
    Superintendent in Chief - Martin D.

    Superintendent  - Trevor B.
    Deputy Superintendent - Austin F.
    Police Commander - Vacant

    Police Senior Staff

    Patrol Captain
    Patrol Lieutenant

    Police Staff

    Patrol Sergeant First Class
    Patrol Staff Sergeant
    Patrol Sergeant

    Police Staff in Training

    Patrol Senior Corporal
    Patrol Corporal


    Police Officers

    Senior Patrol Officer
    Patrol Officer III
    Patrol Officer II
    Patrol Officer I
    Probationary Patrol Officer

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